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History of Jimiway

ImageBlues gave me what I lacked:
love, hope for all my daysi". - B.K


Festival presents various colours of blues

Jimiway blues festival is well-known annual festival started many years ago. The festival was presented in Polish TV stations TVP-1,  TVP-2,  Polsat 2, TVP3  and maganizes as well as played in many radio stations. Jimiway can be seen in USA thanks to TV Polonia. Each year many bands are willing to take part in such celebrations of blues. Many blues stars from Poland, Czech, Germany, UK and USA appeared on the festival as well as well-known blues radio and tv journalists

Jimiway blues festival started many years ago but origins reaches 1994. That time my son Oskar encouraged me to come back into playing the blues. Then some projects came up: "Jimiway" concerts, rhythm & blues band Fire Band and "Jimiway" association of blues and rock 70.  We had 15th edition of Jimiway festiwal in 2006. The first four were organized as concerts. Festival has been held in OCK (Cultural Centre in Ostrow). The town authorities appreciate our music and help financially to make it better


Bands appeared on Jimiway blues festival:


Fire Band
Free Blues Band
Tortilla Flat
Green Grass
Slawek Wierzcholski i Nocna Zmiana Bluesa
Leszek Cichoński  & Workshop
Czerwony Kogutek
Swawolny Dyzio
Blues Forever
Easy Rider
Who Knows
Ślimak Pędziwiatr
Mietek Blues Band
Irek Dudek
Paweł Szymański
Murphy Blues
After Blues 
Looz Blues
Wielka Łódź
Gang Olsena
Tipsy Driver
Tadeusz  Nalepa
The Best
JJ Band
Seven B
The Young Blood Fire
Kasa Chorych
Wielebny Blues Band
Blues Doctors
Magda Piskorczyk & Band
Siódma w Nocy
Obstawa Prezydenta
Easy Street
Devil Blues
Karolina Cygonek & Tomi Blues Kapela
Boogie Chilli
Hoodoo Band
Coolish Supersession
Boogie Boys
Moo Moo Milk
Śląska Grupa Bluesowa
Hard Times
Shaki'n Dudi
Virgis Jutas & Bogdan Topolski
Romek Puchowski
Przytuła i Kruk
Blues Flowers
Bogdan Szweda & Easy Rider
Outsider Blues
Blue Machine
Marek Wojtowicz
Nie Strzelać do Pianisty
Harmonijkowy Atak
Cotton Wing
Dr.Blues & Soul Re Vision
Why Ducky?
Wes Galczynski and Power Train
Open Blues
Niebieska Sowa
Jerry's Fingers
Tandeta Blues Band

Dead Camel Blues Band-Czechy
Road Band –Litwa
Chris Farlowe & Norman Beaker Band – GB
Lord Bishop-USA/GB
Nina Van Horn & Her Band - USA/F
Dave Hole & Band - AUS
Rob Tognoni - AUS
The Road Dawgz -Holandia
Wheatbread Johnson –USA
Dave Ellis Blues Band - USA
Carlos Johnson-USA
David Lamar-USA
Vance Kelly & The Backstreet Blues Band - USA
Stan Skibby-USA
John Broadway Tucker-USA
Mississippi Heat – USA
Bill Perry  Band - USA
Larry Garner & Band - USA
Philip Sayce-USA
Sharrie Williams-USA
Sherman Robertson - USA
Alvon Johnson Band - USA
Terry Evans - USA
Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King - USA
Kenny Neal Band - USA
Joe Louis Walker - USA
Popa Chubby - USA
Tommy Castro and The Painkillers- USA
Nick Moss - USA
Curtis Salgado - USA
Eb Davis - USA
John Nemeth - USA
Larry McCray - USA
Rusty Wright - USA
Coco Montoya - USA
Lucky Peterson - USA

Jimiway blues festival were leaded by:
Jan Chojnacki, Andrzej Matysik, Marek Jakubowski, Ryszard Gloger, Sławek Wierzcholski i Andrzej Jerzyk.

Festival is begins with  "Who  Knows" song by Jimi Hendrix - our spirit patron. That song became our anthem also performed by the town authorities and children choir Do-Re-Mi.  Each festiwal day is finished with jam session together with the bands and all willing musicians.


Jimiway is a way of life for musicians and blues fans.  Variety of blues gives us hope that such feeling, hope, love and sorrow will be spread through generations. Blues is an amazing sound phenomenon that exists somewhere inside sensitive human soul. That simplicity of blues music and  mysterious phrase moves also people not brought up with blues tradition.

"They are living behind the wall, doing something, maybe sleeping
Wake them up with the music, let them hear such sound".- B.K
© 2016 Jimiway Blues Festival